MEET THE MAMAS // Rosie Dymond & Jenny Reid // The Apple Tree Centre


Who are you?

We are friends who met through our work as Play Therapists, and who share a passion for providing good, robust emotional support for children and young people. We both have children of our own, aged between 5 and 8, and have loved building up our therapy centre at the same time as we have watched our children grow and become more independent.

Where are you from?

Rosie grew up just outside Sheffield, studied away, travelled and then came back. Jenny travelled around the country as a child (mostly in West Yorkshire), came to Sheffield for university and immediately felt that this was home. I did move away for work for a couple of years, but always believed that I would come back.

What do we need to know about you?

We both love providing individual counselling and Play Therapy to children and young people, watching them grow and learn and explore and develop self esteem, resilience and better coping skills. More recently, we have begun teaching these therapeutic skills to parents, and have found it hugely rewarding to watch the changes in their family dynamics over just a few weeks. Our next series of parenting classes begins on 13th September, and we can’t wait to meet the new groups.

Where can we find your business/product?

Our website is We also have a Facebook page:

and a twitter account:

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Jenny: My children love being out in the natural world. When the weather allows, our favourite weekend activity is to go out into the Peak District and let them clamber over the rocks there, testing their strength and balance and making up complicated imaginative games in the caves and ‘dens’ they discover.

Rosie: Much like Jenny I love being outdoors with my boys, riding bikes, climbing trees and generally getting mucky!

Top mama tip

Jenny: I try not to organise too much of my children’s time for them. I’ve really enjoyed just watching them this summer, being ready to intervene if they need it but otherwise allowing them to enjoy each other’s company and really explore their own imaginations. It’s so much more relaxing for me, and more fun for them.

Rosie: My approach to parenting is the ‘stand back and see what happens’ approach! I’ve always encouraged my children to notice how they feel in risky situations like when they’re balancing on a rock or on a climbing frame – I ask them whether they feel safe and if they do they can try to go a bit higher, or jump… I try to avoid the ‘don’t do that because it’s too high / big / dangerous for you’ stance and let them come to that conclusion for themselves!

Your mama confession…..

Jenny: We are so far from perfect, it’s difficult to choose just one example! We spend a lot of time talking to other parents about how to communicate more effectively with their children, but I think the most important lesson I’ve taken from our parenting programme is about forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes or snap at our children, and focusing on rebuilding relationships.

Rosie: Sometimes I behave like a child, I get into grumpy arguments with my kids when I’m fully aware I’m not behaving like a grown up but I do it anyway because a bit of me needs to be that grumpy child sometimes. I apologise and make up with cuddles later… I think apologising to kids for behaving badly is setting a good example!


Jenny and Rosie will be joining us at Mama Social on Friday 16th September, 10:30-12 at The Showroom

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