MEET THE MAMA // Karen Sherwood


  • Who am I?

Who can really say?  My name is Karen Sherwood and I am the founder, owner and director of Cupola Contemporary Art, a fine art graduate from Sheffield Hallam (Yes I went to Psalter Lane), mother of two boys and a keen amateur diver (not scuber diving the other kind).


  • Where are you from?

well, I was born in Stamford in America, but only accidentally, as my parents were working over there at the time.  They had me registered at the British Embassy. I came to England when I was 2 and half years old.  I grew up in Kegworth, in the Midlands, close to the famous air crash of 1989 (near east Midlands airport).


  • Where can you find your business/product?

The gallery is situated in Hillsborough – opposite the Leppings Lane tram stop.  Free chocolate cake every Saturday and children (and babies) most welcome! Check us out at


  • What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Both my boys are on the autistic spectrum but are very different with almost opposite interest and needs, so ‘family’ activity is pretty tricky at the best of times.  I find trips to the beach/seaside in reasonable weather seems to work for most members of our family group for longest….


  • What is your top mama tip?

Top tip?  You can’t get hung over whilst breastfeeding!!  I checked this out – worked for me lol!  Not one to practise too often though 😉

Other tip is:  almost never listen to ‘advice’ – we are all unique and so are all your babies – what works for one, is unlikely to work for another.  Enjoy every moment :)
Karen is coming in to talk at Mama Social on Friday 19th February



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