MEET THE MAMA // Helen Skelton

image who are you? 

I am Helen Skelton, a cumbrian mum currently living in France with my husband and seven month old son.

• what do you do?

I’m a television presenter and have worked in telly and radio for over ten years. I also write (am trying to write children’s books) my first one came out last year – Amy Wild Amazon Summer.

• where can we see you?

Shows like Countryfile. ITV Tonight. BBC Sport – i do things like the boat race, the swimming and the olympics.

• what do you like to do as a family?

We moved to france in November so we spend a lot of time walking on the beach and dipping our toes in the sea. It’s a bit to cold to put Ernie in at the minute. When we have a day off together as a family we try to make no plans, we wander round the markets, walk on the promenade and eat too many crepes.

•  top mama tip?

Have a shower even when you can’t be bothered and the baby is screaming. It’s amazing how human you feel afterwards.

oh and don’t move to a country where you have no friends of family with a new baby. you’ll find yourself in the tourist information office every day making friends with anyone who comes in!

• your mama confession…

I have a little bit of Ernie sick on the inside of my leather jacket – I haven’t washed it out because I like the smell of it and I like having a whiff of him if I am ever out and about without him. (not that that EVER happens!!)



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