MEET THE MAMA // Bea Marshall



  • Who are you?
I’m Bea, single Mum to two incredible boys: Peep, age 11 and Jos, age 10. I’m also adoptive Mummy to a wonderful rescue dog called Coco The Super Staffy. I’m the Founder of Yes Parenting and I help Mamas all over the world to have an extraordinary relationship with their children without saying No every single day.


  • Where are you from?
I’m originally from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire but I’ve been in Sheffield since 2000 and it absolutely my home!


  • What do we need to know about you?
I’m a gifted over thinker which means that I tend to question everything. I also have a tendency to overcomplicate things so it is wonderful that the Universe provided me with a wonderful man who’s motto is “Keep It Simple”. On 29th February I asked him to marry me and he said Yes.


  • Where can we find your business/product?
Instagram is: @beathetree


  • What is your favourite thing to do as a family?
We love going on long walks with friends and dogs in the Peak District, preferably with a portion of chips each at the end.


  • Top mama tip
Prioritise Self Care, even if it is a small thing every day. Unless you first say Yes to your own needs you will be unable to effectively say Yes to your children’s needs.


  • Your mama confession…
Where do I start?! I think the worst I’ve ever felt about myself as a Mama are all the times I fantasised about throwing my children against walls or through windows when they were small. I used to feel so ashamed about it. Since working with other Mamas I’ve discovered how common this experience is and so I now talk about it openly. You never need to suffer in silence.


Bea will be talking at Mama Social on Friday 6th May 10:30-12 at The Showroom

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