MEET THE MAMA // Auriel Majumdar


  • Who are you?

I am Auriel, I’m married to the love of my life Matthew Swift and we have two teenage children Evan (16) and Biba (13)

  • Where are you from?

Tricky question to answer. I was born in Winchester, grew up in Rotherham, went to university in Durham, lived in Sheffield in the 1980s, went to London for my wild 30s then came back to Sheffield just after I had Evan. So I’m from all over really but Sheffield is definitely my home and I love, love, love it here!

  • What do we need to know about you?

I had a difficult childhood, troubled teens and twenties and terrible postnatal depression after I had my children in my late 30s so I feel very, very lucky to have discovered my vocation in my fifties and be living the life I always wanted. I’m a passionate believer in people and their wonderful potential and I’m so lucky that my work as a creative business coach helps me express that every day.

  • Where can we find your business/product

My website is

My twitter is @i_am_auriel

My Instagram is i_am_auriel

You can read more about me and my work in this article in The City Talking 

  • What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

It’s difficult to persuade teenagers to do anything much together as a family because frankly they’d much rather be out with their friends. Every now and then I put my foot down and insist on everyone sitting down together for a big family Sunday tea and we all really enjoy it. We cook up a feast, everyone gets to choose their favourite playlist (which causes endless squabbling) and we sit and chat for ages. Those are my happiest family times because I get to spend time with the three funniest, most entertaining people in the world.

(In the interests of balance I asked Evan what his favourite family thing is and he grunted “Dunno, cuddling the cats I suppose hurr, hurr…” – that’s teenagers for you!)

  • Top mama tip

I always remember my mum telling me “everything passes” when one of the kids was tiny and being particularly challenging. She was right, parenthood is a long game and full of different phases, some more fun than others. When your kids are babies you think it’ll all be fine when they are bigger but they turn into teenagers and it’s like having toddlers again except now they can leave the house on their own and worry you half to death! My top mama tip is enjoy the moments and the good times, don’t wish the baby years away and enjoy all the cuddles while you can.

  • Your mama confession…..

So many but not all for public consumption! I suppose my biggest ones are that I’m just making it all up as I go along and my kids have taught me way more than I have ever taught them. Oh and you know when I told you for years that I had “back eyes” and you believed me – well really I was looking into the bathroom mirror and could see your reflection, that’s how I always knew what you were up to!

Auriel will be joining us at Mama Social on Friday 17th June 10:30 – 12 at The Showroom

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