GUEST SPEAKER // Mavis Kirkham

When I was giving birth to my baby boy, I remember being filled with an overwhelming admiration for every woman throughout history who has ever given birth (including my Mum!). We all know that our ‘birthing story’ is unique and very rarely what we expected or planned. For better or worse it becomes part of our history and something we will never forget. As it becomes part of our history, in turn our stories become part of the history of child-birth.


On Friday 22nd April, we will be joined by Professor of Midwifery Mavis Kirkham. Mavis is approaching the end of a long career in midwifery and will be telling us all about the history of child-birth in Sheffield. She will discuss how child-birth has changed over the years and show how our stories form part of this history.


Mavis is Professor of Midwifery at the University of the West of Scotland, visiting professor at the Auckland University of Technology and holds honorary professorial positions at Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Technology Sydney. Mavis has worked continuously as a midwife researcher and a clinical midwife for forty years, still doing some work as a home birth midwife.


Mavis has a published book, ‘The Midwife-Mother Relationship’ and has written articles for The Guardian. We are honoured to have Mavis, who has dedicated her career to supporting mothers, join us at Mama Social and are looking forward to sharing our stories with you!



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  1. Really enjoyed Mavis’s talk on Friday. Was great to hear her insights about maternity care in the city. And thanks for the call to action. I’ll be looking out for ways to get involved in the campaign for greater birth choice in Sheffield

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