FEATURE // Partus



It’s a massive life or death thing that happens every minute of every day in every country of the world.

The expectations, the exhaustion, the euphoria. The shock, the sadness, the stupidly long shifts. The joy, the pain, the mess. Oh, and that first cup of tea that tasted better than anything, ever.

Third Angel delves into the myths, the statistics and the politics of birth, engaging with real people and real stories. There will be laughter, hand-gripping tension, dancing, tears, shouting, singing and love..

Third Angel has been making extraordinary, funny, curious and adventurous theatre for the last twenty years.

Partus is currently at the Crucible and looks like an amazing production. There is also a child friendly matinee perfomace at 10:30 on Tuesday where you can take babe in arms. (Please note that the performance is recommended for ages 15+)


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