FEATURE // mother’s day

It’s almost OUR day, the day we turn the tables, the day we can make demands on everyone and expect to be waited on hand and foot all day….well, we can dream!

I’m a huge fan of all the Mama merchandise that’s on the market at the moment and Mother’s Day seems a good excuse to be treated to some so I’m getting ready to drop some serious hints about this little lot…

  1. we could all use a huge ‘one good mutha’ mug by meresoeur.com for our morning coffee.
  2. handmade in Sheffield macarons by Show me Joni available here
  3. stylish and effortless but still completely practicle love this Elwood faux leather rucksack by Tiba and Marl
  4. Sheffield mama-made, organic, relaxing and soothing, sounds perfect! Natalie Bond gift set
  5. a sneaky way to make sure you’re always prepared for a cheeky corona bottle opener by The Fourth Trimester
  6. ‘Mama’ Tee by Selfish Mother. All profits go to mothers2mothers charity, shopping and supporting a great cause, win win!
  7.  ‘Mother’ necklace by Cult of Youth; top of my list
  8. Nursing Bra by HotMilk available at Figleaves because if we’ve got to wear them they can at least be pretty nursing bras!



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