MEET THE MAMA // Sarah Herrett // Baby Sensory


Who are you?

Hi, I’m Sarah. Mum to 3 awesome little puddings, Charlie who is almost 5 and 1yr old twin girls Lily and Jessica. Together with my fabulous friend Helen we run Baby Sensory in Sheffield. We run classes across the city that ignite imagination and stimulate all of the senses for babies from 0-13 months

Where are you from?

Originally from Wetherby I moved to Sheffield 15ish years ago, met a boy, and stayed!

What do we need to know about you?

In addition to running baby sensory in Sheffield I am a charity fundraiser. I specialise in community, corporate, events and major donor fundraising. I am really lucky I get to do 2 things I love at work. Fundraising is great and I get to work towards something really important and then in my baby sensory classes I share so many amazing experiences with mums, dads and babies! I love rugby league, playing the cello and the way all my children snuggle on my shoulder when they are tired.

Where can we find your business/product?

You can find us online at and click on find a class or on facebook Or you can contact us direct on 07922595414 or email

Your favourite thing to do as a family?

Our favourite thing is going out into the garden and enjoying the outside. We are really lucky and have a long drive my son can ride his bike up and down and we can get tents, paddling pools, playhouses, toys, picnic blankets out and have a picnic too in the back.

Top Mama tip…

Your children are bigger than they were yesterday so hold them close while you can because before you know it they will be all grown up…and buy a sling – total lifesaver!

Your Mama confession…

I have a secret stash of chocolate somewhere my hubby would never ever find it… more clues just in case he is reading this! I hate when people say negative things about my twin girls…and have been known to be a bit rude in my responses occasionally (and only when super tired and the question/comment is particularly daft!)

Sarah is coming in to Mama Social on Friday 10th March – 10am at The Showroom

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