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Who are you?

I am Rachel Medina, mum to Alex (almost 4) and Eva (almost 2). My husband is called Victor and we live in Birley (out by Crystal Peaks). I am the Local Coordinator at the Snowdrop Project.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Maine in the USA. I came to Sheffield in 2007 to do an MA at Sheffield Uni. I did move around a bit growing up, so soon, Sheffield will be where I have lived the longest! I get to go home to visit family about once a year, where I stock up on my American goodies.

What do we need to know about you?

I have absolutely fallen into the career path I’m on, and I am completely in love with my job. I have a BA in History and an MA in European Historical Archaeology. I happened to find what has become my passion through some temp work I did after completing my MA. I did a bunch of rather random jobs temping as an administrator until I worked for an organisation called Refugee Support. I got managing their office and learned more about what they did to help refugees in Sheffield with housing and integration. Within six months I got a job with them as the Lifeskills Tutor at their supported accommodation Foyer teaching and coordinating life skills and independent living sessions. Without that experience, I don’t think I would have ended up where I am now!

At the moment my life consists of working and running around after Alex and Eva, but I have hobbies as well, including knitting, crocheting and painting. I also cannot resist a conversation about politics, British or American. I really enjoy listening to other people’s perspectives and experiences!

Where can we find your business/product?

Our website is:

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What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

My kids love basically anything we do all together. They are happiest when we all go to the park or just stay home and play together, but so far our favourite family activity is taking the kids to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see the animals.

Top mama tip

Be honest with yourself and with others when it’s tough. Find some friends who you can be real with, during both the good and the difficult things, and commiserate regularly!

Your mama confession…..

Should be confessions!

I have been known to let my kids eat cereal for dinner and put them to bed early on nights my husband is out of town to maximise some peace and quiet for myself. It’s like a treat for them and for me!

I once forgot that it was picture day at nursery and both my kids were dressed like house elves…seriously every item they were wearing was either stained or had holes in! Surprisingly we didn’t buy any of those photos!

Alex also loves AC/DC and once sang, ‘Thunderstruck’ for show and tell at nursery – his favourite line is ‘I was shakin’ at the knees/I was covered in bees’… I haven’t corrected him.


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