MEET THE MAMA – Lindsey Aitken // Wildfire Teepees

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Who are you?

Lindsey Aitken founder of Wildfire Teepees

Where are you from?

I’m from Sheffield but have lived in London for the last 15 years. I moved to London following my degree, I studied Embroidery at Manchester Met but knew I wanted to be in fashion buying so moved to London to pursue my dream. I had a pretty successful career working for some big brands like Mothercare, Dorothy Perkins and for the last 6 years The White Company.

What’s your brand?

I started Wildfire on my second maternity leave. I knew that the equation of two kids in fulltime childcare, a difficult commute across London and my salary did not add up so I decided to start my own adventure making teepees and other kiddy accessories for the design conscious parent.

What do we need to know about your brand?

My products are mostly monochrome, some have pops of colour in the trims, others are completely black and white. I wanted to have toys for my boys that I didn’t mind having in my home, they either needed to look good or have a clever solution for tidying away at the end of the day. I hope my products have both!! I make eye catching teepees and the collection is growing to include co ordinating play mats, toy store bags and cool pyramid bean bags.

Where can we see your brand?

Check out the collection at and come and say hi on our instagram account or on Facebook, mostly pictures of my boys and life peppered with teepees!

What’s your favourite thing to do as a family in Sheffield?

Both my sister (Maddy of Mama social fame!!) and my parents still live in Sheffield so we visit as much as we can. Other than just hanging out in their homes, I still have a major nostalgic crush on Chatsworth as it has so many happy memories from my childhood.

Top mama tip?

If you can teach your babies to sleep from day 1 and get them into a routine your life will be so much easier – sleep makes everything possible! And if that’s not your thing friends and prosecco make everything better!!


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