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Who are you?

I am Jo… Partner to Lee who is an International Event Manager and away from home lots and Mama to Ruby who is 2 and getting more amazing (and mischievous!) by the day. We also have a dog : The Funk and a cat : Tracey. Both are rescues and very special in their own, unique ways!

What do we need to know about you?

I am a Sheffield girl, born and bred and proud of it. I went to University in London and Manchester but there was never any question then of me staying away after I’d graduated. I am not going to spend all my days here, however. Sunnier climes are calling and we hope to move abroad at some point in the distant future…

What is your business/Product?

I am the owner of MIND BABY + SOUL : teaching Baby Massage and Baby Yoga and also Kids and Family Yoga. I have been doing this since retraining and finishing maternity leave in the summer of last year. I also own MINI RAVERS as of March this year and run monthly public and regular private themed disco and sensory parties aimed at little ones from 0 to pre school age. I LOVE MY JOBS and am so glad I have finally found something that suits me!

Where can we find your business/product?

Please note that both my websites are being rebuilt at the moment so aren’t really a shining example of my businesses just yet but : The FB pages are better, until the new websites are launched in a couple of weeks :

Your favourite thing to do as a family…

When Lee is home and we are both not working (which is all too rare these days!), we love to go out as a family, walking somewhere with the dog and we love to go out for food, too. A perfect winter Sunday, for example, would be a nice walk in the peaks, looking at trees and streams and wildlife with Rubes, followed by a nice roast dinner and a glass of wine somewhere… bliss!

Your top mama tip…

If you’re having a tricky time… JUST BREATHE. Whatever you may be going through right now, you need to know that it IS normal, you are NOT alone and this WILL pass. Which sounds a bit cheesy, I know. Trust me when I say it’s surprising how much clarity can be gained if you can just down tools for 2 minutes and regulate your breathing. Having suffered a fair bit with PND and PTSD, I genuinely speak from experience and would be more than happy to discuss it further with anyone who may be interested. Also, BE KIND TO YOURSELF. If you need to put your feet up, do it. If you fancy a slice of cake, have it. If you want a duvet day, go for it. You can be a much more effective lover of others if you love yourself, first.

Your Mama confession…

Eek, I must confess to getting Rubes into bed at the earliest available opportunity when Lee is away, in order to buy myself a little extra ‘me time’ in the evening! Daily, I’m up at 6am to get some work done before she wakes up and I work again when she has her afternoon nap so an extra few minutes to put my feet up and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine after her bed time is not too much of a crime, right?! 😉


Jo is coming in to Mama Social on Friday 4th November – 10:30-12 at The Showroom

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