MEET THE MAMA // Grace Tindall // Scandiborn


Who are you?

Hi! I’m Grace, I’m mum to Harry, 15 months and married to James. I’m the founder of Scandibørn, an online kids concept store selling Scandinavian inspired nursery and kids interiors, clothing and mama gifts.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from the south, near Milton Keynes…I met my husband James (Sheffield born and bred), moved north and never looked back. I absolutely love living in Sheffield.

What do we need to know about you?

Apart from my obvious love for Harry, James & all things Scandi, i’m a keen runner (although currently out of practice!) and hockey player. I’m definitely a perfectionist and self confessed workaholic which can be a blessing and a curse at times. I started the business with no industry experience or contacts and after 10 years as a Management consultant its been lovely to start using my creative side !

Where can we find your business/product?

You can find us at, @Scandiborn on Instagram & Twitter

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Like all working mums I struggle to find the balance between work and home, Sunday is set aside as a family day for us and we’ll go for a walk in the peaks with our dog and then home or to the pub for Sunday lunch.
Top mama tip…

Be KIND to yourself – you’re are always doing a much better job than you give yourself credit for.

Your mama confession…

When Harry was first born (5 weeks prem) he was having problems keeping his temperature up and after a few days it still wasn’t getting better. Then..the midwife found me feeding him expressed milk straight out the fridge as I didn’t know I needed to warm it…YES, that’s how little I knew about babies! Mama fail!

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