MEET THE MAMA // Emma Braithwaite // Bobbi Brown


Who are you?

My name is Emma Braithwaite. I am a makeup artist and mother to two girls. Who are 4 and 2.

Where are you from?

I live on the outskirts of Doncaster near Thorne. I commute to Sheffield for work because I love my job!

What do we need to know about you?

I’ve been a makeup artist for 15 years. For 12 of those years I traveled around the country doing makeup artist events.  I have worked in Paris and London on Chanel fashion shows. I discovered Bobbi Brown when I had my first child. I loved her philosophy on life and also the fact that she is working mum. I loved that she created products that suit me as a mother as well as a makeup artist. She sees the woman and wants to bring out the best in everyone. Her moto is be who you are. That did it for me!

Where can we find your business/product (facebook, instagram/website etc)

I work for Bobbi Brown in John Lewis Sheffield. We offer complementary how to’s for anybody wanting any makeup/skincare advice.

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

I love it when we are all together having an old fashioned Sunday dinner.

Top mama tip…

Don’t be afraid to look silly!! Oh and say I love you, a lot!

Your mama confession…..

My 2 year old still gets in bed with me every night!

Emma will be joining us at Mama Social on Friday 23th September 10:30-12 at The Showroom.

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