MEET THE MAMA // Camilla Westergaard


Who are you?

I’m Camilla, and I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother of three, an occasional designer and maker, and content lead at

What is your brand/where do you work?

I have my own company, Butterscotch & Beesting, which is a homewares brand that tells the story of a magical imaginary circus. I started that in 2011 because I wanted to combine my love of storytelling and illustration with interiors. So I came up with the idea of a magical circus run by two characters, Betty Butterscotch and Bumblewick Beesting, where each piece in the collection tells a different part of the story. For example, there’s a pattern I designed based on the story of the Bumblebee Balloon which takes the circus from one location to the next and you can see that on cushions; then there are porcelain tumblers that stack one on top of the other to create Jack the jack-in-a-box clown; and a lampshade printed all the way round like a fairground carousel.

Butterscotch & Beesting was pretty successful in its own little way – it was even stocked on the shelves of Liberty’s, which was a dream come true. But it took a backseat when Folksy asked me if I would run their Summer School. Folksy is the biggest UK marketplace for craft, and they wanted to hold an event where designers and makers could come and learn from each other and from experts – it sounded amazing so I was definitely in! I loved organising that and we had a really special weekend in Ecclesall Woods with loads of inspiring people. After that finished, Folksy invited me to be their new content lead as Emily who did the job before me was moving to Portland. Lucky her and lucky me!

So now I write and commission content for the Folksy blog, interview makers for our Meet the Maker series, help manage our forums where our sellers can talk to each other and share advice, curate content for the Folksy website, design and write the Folksy Weekly (our newsletter for subscribers that looks like this), and work with an amazing woman called Hilary Pullen (author of this brilliant book about selling your craft online on all our social media content.)

What do we need to know about your brand?

Because Folksy is the most popular UK site for buying and selling craft, people imagine we’re some huge corporate beast with headquarters in London, but we’re actually a really small team who are based in Sheffield. There are only six of us, but we’re all really passionate about what we do and try our very hardest to help our sellers. That’s what I love most about working for Folksy – that it gives me a chance to talk to other makers and help them grow their creative businesses. The UK craft scene is a really exciting place right now, there are so many truly incredible makers out there, and part of my job is to show that to the world.

Where can we find you?

You can normally find me on Instagram at @bbutterscotch or hanging around on Folksy’s many social platforms – like Twitter and Facebook. I’m partial to a bit of pinning too and spend way too much time here > 

What do you like to do as a family?

Baking, eating lemon meringue donuts (Perfectionery on Sharrowvale Road do ridiculously good ones but enter with care because it’s a dangerously temping place and far too close to the girls’ school), taking road trips to the North Yorkshire Coast, running around the Peak District, dragging them around garden centres, craft fairs and galleries, watching Masterchef…

Top mama tip?

You don’t have to a perfect mother, you just have to be good enough. When my son was born (he’s 15 now) I promised him I would fill his childhood with stories and adventures, now I mostly just fill it by nagging him about his GCSE revision.

 Your mama confession…

I’m a bit of a control freak about their toys. I started out with a wooden or vintage-toy only regime, but lost that battle spectacularly when my son fell in love with a plastic US military jet that made machine gun noises. Ugh.

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