MEET THE MAMA // Beth Pegler


  • Who are you?

Hi, I’m Beth Pegler, a mum of 4 (3 girls including identical twins and a little boy)

  • Where are you from?

I’m originally from Stroud in Gloucestershire but have lived in Sheffield for about 18 years.

  • How did you end up in Sheffield?

I came to Sheffield for University in 1997. I did a degree in English Literature and creative writing and later a primary years PGCE.

  • What’s your brand?

My brand is called ‘Peggy’ (a nickname) and is mainly embroidery thread and rope jewellery.

What do we need to know about your brand?

I enjoy combining colours to create wearable pieces out of thread and rope. Everything that I make is something that I would wear myself.

  • Where can we see your brand?

I sell through my online folksy shop and also in shops in North Wales, Leeds and in Sheffield in the wonderful Moonko. Over the Christmas period I sold my necklaces in a Sheffield makers shop in the winter gardens. I also did my first stall at Julefest which was great fun, it was so nice to meet the people that buy my work.

  • What’s your favourite thing to do as a family in Sheffield?

We love to walk through the woods to Forge Dam, the girls can take their bikes and scooters, Arthur can find lots of sticks and at the end there is a park, ducks to feed and a cafe for ice creams and hot drinks so everyone’s a winner.

  • Top mama tip?

Just to enjoy it all really. Everyone says it but it really does fly by so fast. My eldest is 8 and a half now and it only seems like yesterday that she was a tiny baby.

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