GUEST SPEAKER // Digital Mums

Were absolutely delighted to have Kathryn Dyer from Digital Mums coming to Mama Social on Friday 27th May.


Digital Mums is a London based organisation designed to help women back into a career after having children.

Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler set up the social enterprise in 2013 after identifying that there was a gap in the market for “stay-at-home working mothers”.


Digital Mums offers online courses to train mums to become social media managers. Freelance social media management is a great job for a mum as it’s rewarding and has great career prospects but also has the advantage of being flexible and can be done from home or on the go. Best of all this is a job that can be done remotely, from home. You can plan information to go out in advance on different types of social media. Then you can manage the channels while on the go, thus offering totally flexible working hours.

Mums are far more digitally savvy than the average person — they are twice as likely to own a smartphone and 80% spend time on social networking sites (compared to 51% average), 60% more than 2 hours per day. Many of the skills needed to build a family online are all those associated with building a family offline — empathy, sound judgement, the ability to multi-task and good communication skills. And mums make 80% of all purchasing decisions so are a key target demographic for businesses.


Women who sign up to the scheme embark on a 20-week remote training programme. Training takes around 10-15 hours per week, and can largely be done at times to suit them.

With the support of Cochrane and her team, the mums are paired with a small business towards the end of their training and together they develop a social media campaign.

Kathryn Dyer, course facilitator for Digital Mums and herself a graduate of their program, will be coming in to Mama Social on Friday 27th May to tell us more about the story of how Digital Mums came about and how she became involved. She’ll also give some insight into the courses they offer and what is involved in studying on them, what live learning is all about and some examples of the campaigns which their trainees have run.

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