GUEST SPEAKER // Bea Marshall / Yes Parenting


Bea Marshall is a self styled parenting coach and has been a leading advocate of ‘Yes Parenting’ for the past six years.

Bea has regularly featured in the British media including Woman’s Hour, Good Morning Britain and ITV This Morning raising the profile of Yes Parenting which promotes the belief that allowing young children space to do their own thing and respond freely to their own emotions enables them to “have the confidence that they know how to make choices for themselves”.

 During her talk Bea will be covering:
  • Her journey from being an alternative, placenta-eating, baby-wearing, cloth-nappy, co-sleeping Mama, who was constantly unsure about what was best due to so many competing voices around her; to becoming a Supernanny disciple and then finally finding her feet with yes Parenting.
  • She’ll share the three things that happened in the space of one week to spark her about-turn in parenting.
  • She’ll touch on some of the mistakes she made so others don’t need to make them, and also why she wouldn’t change anything about her process.
  • Finally, she’ll also give a brief outline of how to begin saying Yes to your children, no matter their age.

Bea is coming to talk at Mama Social on Friday 6th May.





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