GUEST SPEAKER // Annika Carney // Little Bears Infant Massage


This week we have Annika from Baby Bears Infant Massage coming to Mama Social to provide us with an introduction to baby massage and to show us some basic strokes that we can use at home.IMG_8418

As well as running Baby Bears Infant Massage Annika is also a trained midwife so she knows babies!!

Baby and Infant massage has many benefits to both children and parents here are just a few…

Helps your little one feel more securely attached

Helps reduction of emotional distress and crying

Helps relax your little one and improves sleep quality

Helps with relieve symptoms of common issues such as colic, constipation and teething discomfort

Helps with the development of their body awareness and coordination

Helps with binding and feeling close to your baby

Helps parents gain a better understanding of their baby’s different behaviours and body language

Provides a wonderful and special opportunity to spend one on one time with your little one


Helps parents gain an increased confidence in their ability to care for and nurture their baby

Gives parents a skill that can be used throughout their child’s lifetime


Annika will be joining us at The Showroom on Friday 23rd June from 10am

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