GUEST SPEAKER // Abigail Barragry // Child Educational Psychologist

On Friday 24th June we have Child Psychologist, Abigail Barragry joining us at Mama Social.

Abigail has spent most of her career using creative ways to teach, heal and inspire. Having worked as a creative arts therapist for children and adults in Asia she became interested in how mindful practice impacts upon daily life.

In the Western world we get so caught up in the rat race and fast paced living, it’s easy to forget how taking time to reconnect with yourself can change the way you look at things. Simple little changes can make such a difference on how we relate ourselves and to others.


A few years ago, Abigail published ‘Autism Arts- a drama syllabus for children on the autism spectrum’. This was aimed at providing a different way of supporting children who have autism or other difficulties, encouraging them to express, create and play. Abigail firmly believes that play should not stop in childhood, and goes hand in hand with mindfulness in allowing us to get back to the roots of who we are.

Abigail is now working on my doctorate in Educational Psychology, as well as continuing to run a private counselling practice for children and adults. She is also going to Romania for the second time this summer to work and train others on the importance of play and ‘being playful’ with children, right from when they are still in their mother’s tummy!

As an Educational Psychologist Abigail works with children and their families alongside schools and other professionals to support them in forming positive attachments and finding the best ways to support each individual young person, and their parents.

Abigail looking forward to sharing some of this with Sheffield Mums, being from Sheffield myself originally she is happy to be back and helping to spread a little of what she’s learnt.



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