EVENING MEET // Lucy Sheridan @ Daisy’s Bar 17/03/16 @ 20:00


lucy sheridan

Mama Social is proud to announce our first evening event… We invite you to join us and Lucy Sherdan for a cocktail in the gorgeous Daisy’s Bar (above The Great Gatsby – Division Street).

About Lucy

Lucy Sheridan AKA The UK’s first and only Comparison Coach, is on a mission to get Gen Y over the ‘compare & despair’ of social media and be truly happy off and online. She has been featured in Grazia, Stella Magazine and the Daily Mail as part of her #comparisonfree campaign and continues to deliver that message via one on one coaching, workshops and speaking gigs. She is also co-creator of #HigherSelfie the spiritual lifestyle brand.


Nobody’s Tribute Act: From compare & despair to #comparisonfree

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

In this inescapably digital age, the power couple of technology and social media have meant our devices are extensions of us.

We take them to the toilet, the birthing suite and (some of us!) even capture after sex selfies. Although at first thought extreme, these are trends nonetheless and when it comes to social media it appears it is all up for grabs!

This has had an interesting influence on how we perceive ourselves and each other as it can often feel that according to social media, everyone else has this thing called life figured out apart from us and their perfect lives fill our feeds and lead us to compare and despair.

Other people’s families, jobs, children, luxury handbags, grades, holidays, promotions, blogs and properties are all there as comparison content for us to consider and sometimes obsess over.

If we’re not careful, our happiness and success will boil down to an arbitrary check list ticking off those things whether we feel aligned with them or not.

In many ways we can be in danger of becoming someone else’s tribute act, with our goals and dreams a hodge-podge of other’s lives, and guess work of what we think we ‘should’ be doing at a certain life stage.

So to quote Dr Dre “HOLD UP”!

In this ‘does what it says on the tin’ session we’ll be:

  • Exploring and unpicking the digital overspill into our offline lives
  • Understanding how and why we compare ourselves to other people, without judgment or assumption
  • Gaining the insight that comparison can generate for you via self study, interactive exercises – and using those to set your goals and life vision, uniquely and authentically aligned with you
  • Dispelling the myth of the ‘perfect life’ created by social media
  • Discovering how to let the REAL you shine in every area of your life on your own terms
  • Putting down our phones and looking within to find the answers that will move you forward, get brave and gain the confidence to deliver for yourself.
  • Having a giggle at Lucy’s own cringey comparison anecdotes and the lessons learned from these





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