MEET THE MAMA // Helen Skelton

image who are you? 

I am Helen Skelton, a cumbrian mum currently living in France with my husband and seven month old son.

• what do you do?

I’m a television presenter and have worked in telly and radio for over ten years. I also write (am trying to write children’s books) my first one came out last year – Amy Wild Amazon Summer.

• where can we see you?

Shows like Countryfile. ITV Tonight. BBC Sport – i do things like the boat race, the swimming and the olympics.

• what do you like to do as a family?

We moved to france in November so we spend a lot of time walking on the beach and dipping our toes in the sea. It’s a bit to cold to put Ernie in at the minute. When we have a day off together as a family we try to make no plans, we wander round the markets, walk on the promenade and eat too many crepes.

•  top mama tip?

Have a shower even when you can’t be bothered and the baby is screaming. It’s amazing how human you feel afterwards.

oh and don’t move to a country where you have no friends of family with a new baby. you’ll find yourself in the tourist information office every day making friends with anyone who comes in!

• your mama confession…

I have a little bit of Ernie sick on the inside of my leather jacket – I haven’t washed it out because I like the smell of it and I like having a whiff of him if I am ever out and about without him. (not that that EVER happens!!)



GUEST SPEAKER // Moss&Clover


Friday 5th February sees Moss and Clover founder, and mum of two, Emma Venn coming in to discuss all things mum boss…be warned she has said she’s going to be brutally honest about she manages to fit it all in!

imageEmma specialises in terrariums and planters and is bringing in a few to show us (I’m personally hoping she brings the gold dinosaur planter!)

She’s also bringing us in an activity to take part in, so come down, meet the mama behind the blooms and get your craft on!!

MEET THE MAMA // Karen Sherwood


  • Who am I?

Who can really say?  My name is Karen Sherwood and I am the founder, owner and director of Cupola Contemporary Art, a fine art graduate from Sheffield Hallam (Yes I went to Psalter Lane), mother of two boys and a keen amateur diver (not scuber diving the other kind).


  • Where are you from?

well, I was born in Stamford in America, but only accidentally, as my parents were working over there at the time.  They had me registered at the British Embassy. I came to England when I was 2 and half years old.  I grew up in Kegworth, in the Midlands, close to the famous air crash of 1989 (near east Midlands airport).


  • Where can you find your business/product?

The gallery is situated in Hillsborough – opposite the Leppings Lane tram stop.  Free chocolate cake every Saturday and children (and babies) most welcome! Check us out at


  • What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Both my boys are on the autistic spectrum but are very different with almost opposite interest and needs, so ‘family’ activity is pretty tricky at the best of times.  I find trips to the beach/seaside in reasonable weather seems to work for most members of our family group for longest….


  • What is your top mama tip?

Top tip?  You can’t get hung over whilst breastfeeding!!  I checked this out – worked for me lol!  Not one to practise too often though 😉

Other tip is:  almost never listen to ‘advice’ – we are all unique and so are all your babies – what works for one, is unlikely to work for another.  Enjoy every moment :)
Karen is coming in to talk at Mama Social on Friday 19th February



FEATURE // Partus



It’s a massive life or death thing that happens every minute of every day in every country of the world.

The expectations, the exhaustion, the euphoria. The shock, the sadness, the stupidly long shifts. The joy, the pain, the mess. Oh, and that first cup of tea that tasted better than anything, ever.

Third Angel delves into the myths, the statistics and the politics of birth, engaging with real people and real stories. There will be laughter, hand-gripping tension, dancing, tears, shouting, singing and love..

Third Angel has been making extraordinary, funny, curious and adventurous theatre for the last twenty years.

Partus is currently at the Crucible and looks like an amazing production. There is also a child friendly matinee perfomace at 10:30 on Tuesday where you can take babe in arms. (Please note that the performance is recommended for ages 15+)


GIVEAWAY // music in the round


We’re currently running a giveaway over on our Instagram feed.  We’ve teamed up with Music in The Round and have a family ticket* to their latest production: “Sir Scallywag & The Battle of Stinky Bottom” at The Crucible Theatre on Saturday 5 March.

It’s the perfect introduction to live classical music for children age 3-8 years. This rudely hilarious concert is full of audience participation, so you and your children will be singing along, swinging your hips and shaking your bums! You can even learn the songs before you come on the Music in the Round website

You can view the trailer for the production here

Head over to our Instagram to be in with a chance!!

Good luck!

mama social x
*2 adult tickets, 2 child tickets worth £26 altogether.