GUEST SPEAKER // Sally Pearse 

Sally Pearse will be joining us for our Friday 8th July meet up. Sally is Head of Area for 0-5 Education and Care at Sheffield Hallam University and a Thrive Practitioner and Trainer.

Sally will be discussing elements of attachment theory, neuroscience and the role of the adult in helping children to develop a healthy stress regulation system. This will  be based on the ‘Thrive’ approach, which is a developmental approach to working with children and young people. The approach draws on the latest research to support children’s emotional development and help adults to understand children’s behaviour as communication. You can find out more about the Thrive approach through the website

Sally passionately believes that the early years of a child’s life are crucial and that early years services can play a vital role in community development and support.

Sally is an expert in the education of children and young people and as we Mamas are the primary educators of our little ones, this is one not to miss!

CRAFT SOCIAL // Northern Tangles // Macrame 

On Tuesday 28th The Chimney House played host to another Craft Social for Mama Social. Thanks to everyone who came, especially Jo Musgrave of ‘Northern Tangles’ who lead us in an introduction to macramé, the ancient art of decorative knotting.

Jo’s beautiful wall hangings and plant hangers are sold across the city, and she was there to teach us her craft!

We started with a glass of fizz and learning the basic knots we needed  to produce our wall hangings after we’d (semi) mastered the knots we set to work with our own piece of  Staithes’ driftwood and our chosen colour of rope.

The results we’re stunning, and we all left with beautiful, intricate wall hangings and a desire to create more with our new found skill!

Keep an eye on our social media for our upcoming events ….

MEET THE MAMA // Sally Pearse


Who are you?

I am Sally Pearse, a Lancastrian happily living in exile with my husband Terence and our two children (or adults), Alex (20) and Liberty (19)


Where are you from?

I am originally from Manchester but came to Sheffield as a student on the recommendation of my parents as they had been happy newlyweds here when my Dad was posted to Sheffield for National Service (his friends were send to Aden and Belize and the furthest he got was Norton Airfield).  I loved Sheffield from the moment I arrived and have never wanted to leave


What do we need to know about you?

I have had a variety of careers over the years – Civil Servant, Trade Union Activist, Teacher, Community Development Worker, Family Centre Manager and now University Lecturer. I passionately believe that the early years of a child’s life are crucial and that early years services can play a vital role in community development and support. I have trained as a Thrive Practitioner and Trainer as I recognised during my years of teaching that we get very little guidance on how to support young children’s emotional development.
I love running and am now joined in this pursuit by Alex and Liberty but sadly have gone from being the fastest in the family to the slowest in a very short space of time.


Where can we find your business/product

I don’t have a business or a product but you can find out more about Thrive at


What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

My children are now adults but still at home and finding something that we all want to do at the same time is a challenge. We do unite around football (as long as I agree that Everton are the best team) and food so a meal out before a game is probably the best bet.


Top mama tip

Try not to see challenging behaviour as defiance or directed at you – managing feelings and behaviour takes time and support. If you can it is better to take the approach that it is not that they won’t, it is just that they can’t yet.


Your mama confession…..

I am not sure I can complete this honestly without jeopardising my job but my children might say cajoling them to climb various hills and peaks with the offers of medals that never materialised or the time that my daughter got her head stuck through some railings while on my watch or……..